Fine dining at maximum security in Toscany

3 June, 2013

Fancy a fine dining experience with a difference? I’d like to recommend the “Cene Galeotte” at Fortezza Medicea in Volterra (not far from Pisa). At only €35 (about $47) for a 6-course meal, including wine, you’ll have a memorable experience.

Once a month, from November to June, this restaurant, housed inside a high-security prison, opens its doors to the public for a gastronomy event.

Top chefs work with inmates to create the likes of Parmesan, pear and mustard tart, and veal cheek with artichokes, black truffles and mashed potatoes, with all proceeds going to charity.

Prison residents work as cooks, as waiters, as well as entertainers (yes, you’ll be serenaded while enjoying your candle-lit dinner!)

Dinner is served inside the deconsecrated chapel of the 500 year-old fortress, set behind the 60 ft. high walls, watch towers, searchlights and security cameras.

Cutlery is plastic, in case you were worried….

If you wish to participate, book early on, since all diners need to be vetted by the Italian Ministry of Justice.


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