Five Soda Alternatives

3 May, 2011

Do you always grab a soda when you are thirsty? Next time you may want to consider one of these healthier alternatives:

  1. Jazz up your water: Ready-to-use flavoured waters contain sugar or artificial sweeteners, known to keep the sweet tooth. A much better choice is natural flavouring: just add slices of lemon, lime, or orange to your water for added taste and vitamins.
  2. Stir in some bubbles: Mixing a thick, tart juice with seltzer yields a tastier, healthier and cheaper drink.
  3. Drink your vegetables: Vegetables juices are lower in calories that most fruit juices. Opt for a low-sodium type whenever available. Better yet, make your own, at home, with a juicer. Add some black pepper and a drop of Tabasco sauce for an extra kick.
  4. Go for the Green Tea: Studies show that it may help reduce the risk of several types of cancer. It can be drunk hot or iced. If you do not like its tartness, a few drops of honey will make it sweet.
  5. Go for Milk or Soy: They are a great-tasting drink and your bones will be grateful. Look for low-fat versions. Soy beverages are naturally sweet, try the unsweetened types.


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Cinzia Cuneo

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