Great testimonial from Line, whose spouse has type 1 diabetes

January 21, 2015 , ,

I’ve been following your SOSCuisine menus for the past 4 to 5 years now. I even talk about it to everyone as the service that brought healthy cooking and eating back into our lives.

Here are the reasons that motivate me to use the services of SOSCuisine.

  1. My spouse has type 1 diabetes (insulin dependent) and has been carrying an insulin pump for the past 5 years. This means that for everything he eats, the carbohydrates have to be calculated as exactly as possible. SOS provides us with the nutritional information we require to balance the menu and also to do this calculation of carbs. In fact, the Department of Dietetics in my husband’s hospital checked the accuracy of the provided information and reassured us by saying that your service was more than professional and reliable. Thank you!
  1. I work full-time and my home is about an hour’s drive from my place of work. I often finish work late in the evening, and I’m usually not back home before 19H00. A bit late to start making dinner and my spouse has no cooking skills to speak of except making peanut butter toasts… So his balanced and carbohydrate-calculated meals have to be ready in advance (Phew, thank god he knows how to use a microwave!).
  1. The gourmet SOSCuisine menu has introduced us to new foods and new ways of preparing them; we eat everything, we like eating well and we owe it to ourselves to eat properly. Even after 4 or 5 years, I’m still receiving new recipes! I love how the daily meal plans are balanced: a meal with fish, a vegetarian meal, recipes from around the world, new spices, new foods: thank you!
  1. These days, before I leave work on Thursday or Friday, I slightly tweak my new weekly meal plan (I mostly remove the desserts), I alter my shopping list accordingly and send it to my iPhone. I do my grocery shopping, bring it all home and over the weekend, we prepare five days worth of meals for the week! (apart from making toast, my spouse is able to cut the veggies and do the washing up LOL)

So now you get why I’m satisfied;-)).

I seriously think that SOSCuisine should be nominated as a benefactor of humanity…


Line B. (Ile-d’Orléans, QC, Canada)

Subscribed to Healthy with Pleasure Meal Plans (2 people household)



Cinzia Cuneo
Cinzia Cuneo, founder of, never wanted to neglect the quality of her food. She shares her special expertise to make good food quickly and without complications!

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