Hair and Nails: Mirrors of Your Health

31 July, 2015

We love taking care of our hair and nails, its obvious! Just look at the multitude of beauty products piled high in the cosmetics aisle: creams, oils, masks, sprays and other treatments made from secret ingredients… but before spending all your money on products full of promise, start by taking care of the inside, because hair and nail beauty begins with a high quality diet; it’s not marketing, it’s a physiological certainty!

Skin appendages (or skin adnexa) is the scientific name given to body hair, hair, and nails. Unlike with animals, if they have lost most of their original function, they remain important, if only for their esthetic function. But besides their esthetic appearance, they are also very good reflections of the state of our health.


Our diet is at the heart of hair and nail development because food is what provides us with the nutrients essential for their production. If you build a car with poor quality parts, it will break, run poorly, and its appearance will be far from lustrous. The same goes for our hair and nails: if we don’t give them quality, hair will be dull, fine and have a tendency to fall out while our nails will be brittle, weak, or fragile.


And know that if your hair and nails are not beautiful, it’s only the tip of the iceberg. Your entire organism isn’t receiving all that it needs.


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