Happy and Loaded French Cows

2 October, 2012

After the famous Kobe cows indulging in beer to stimulate their appetites, and producing renowned Kobe beef, it’s now the turn of some French cattle being offered a few drinks – up to 2 bottles each – of wine daily.

French winemaker Jean-Charles Tastavy decided to experiment after learning of studies in Spain and Canada that highlighted the merits of keeping animals happy to yield better meat. The cattle’s wine intake was calculated based on drinking recommendations for humans: Hence, two or three glasses of wine a day for a man, translated to 1 to 1.5 liters per day, for a cow.

A Michelin-starred chef that had a taste of this “viande de luxe” – luxury beef – appreciated its “very special texture, beautiful, marbled and tender, which caramelizes while cooking.”

Unfortunately, the daily cost of feeding the cows tripled, which has led to a steep increase in the cost of the meat, up to 100 euros (about $125) for 1 kilogram of the wine-infused beef. At this price, it may still be interesting for the rich clientele of some famous restaurants, but it is not yet affordable for less affluent consumers.

As far as myself, I will continue to cook regular beef with wine, preparing for example a Boeuf Bourguignon 😉

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