Have your heart checked up at Complexe Desjardins

31 October, 2011

The University of Montreal’s Health Center (CHUM) invites you to the Cardiovascular Diseases Awareness event, Wednesday and Thursday, this week, at Complexe Desjardins.

Have your heart checked up and learn how to keep it healthy. Cardiologists, dietitians, kinesiologists, nurses, and psychologists look forward to seeing you on site from 9 am to 5 pm.

We will be there too with our own booth to present our Smart Heart-Healthy Meal Plans, which are specifically designed for people with high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol or hypertriglyceridemia. Our goal is to reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke through a healthy, varied and balanced diet.

Our meal plans are based on the Mediterranean diet, use a maximum of unprocessed foods, and meet all nutritional recommendations from the Heart & Stroke Foundation (Canada’s leading organization for heart disease and stroke), American Heart Association (USA) and the DASH Eating Plan).

Make sure to stop by!


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