How to Become a Vegetarian – the Challenges of the Beginners

7 May, 2014 ,

Once you have decided to adopt a vegetarian diet, either by ethical concern, to improve your health, to help the environment or any other reason, many questions are coming to mind. For example:

  • Should I radically change my diet or should I change progressively?
  • Where do I start?
  • Which resources do I have access to?
  • Am I at risk of deficiencies in the long term?

Numerous people have asked us these same questions over the years. Our contribution to ease such transition is our Vegetarian Menus.

To help the vegetarians-to-be get answers to the most frequently asked questions, we have gathered a panel of renowned experts and filmed their conversation with the beginner vegetarian Geneviève Blanchard.

The experts:

Stéphanie Audet – Vegan chef and rising star in the field of raw gastronomy
Alessandra Barba – Head Dietitian at Cappino Physiotherapy and Wellness Center
Georges Laraque – Former NHL Player, Vegan Pro, actively fighting for animal rights & promoting a healthier world

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