How to Grow Sprouts

September 26, 2022 ,

Growing sprouts is a relatively easy gardening project. Indeed, it requires very little material and space, and green shoots have a short growth period and can be grown year-round!

In a previous article, you were able to learn the difference between green shoots and germinations as well as their benefits. Now here’s a handy little guide to help you grow your own sprouts! In this case, we will use sunflower seeds, but it is also possible to use other varieties, such as broccoli seeds, radishes, etc.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Sunflower seeds
    Be careful, they must be the specific kind for growing especially, and not roasted sunflower seeds that can be found in grocery stores for consumption! See below different ways to find them.
  • A bowl for soaking seeds
  • A sieve or strainer
  • Potting soil for gardening
  • Recycled plastic containers (e.g. mushroom containers, medium-sized yogurt containers, etc.)
  • A pair of scissors
  • A plastic lid, a little smaller than the size of the container
  • A full tin can
  • A watering can or water spray
  • A space without light (e.g. a wardrobe or closet)
  • A space inside where there is enough daylight (e.g. the windowsill)

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Katharina Paul-Mercier
Katharina is a graduate of McGill University in human nutrition and an avtive member of the Order of Dietitians and Nutritionists of Quebec (ODNQ). She holds the Monash University's certification for the FODMAP diet and IBS, and has hands-on clinical experience in that area. She first approaches nutrition through the pleasure of eating, with a holistic perspective of the individual. It is with kindness that she will accompany you in achieving your goals, helping you to ensure that lifestyle changes will be lasting and balanced. In addition to clinical nutrition, Katharina has a keen interest in local food and is an avid outdoor person. She also completed a minor in ecological agriculture during her university career.

2 comments to “How to Grow Sprouts”

October 2, 2022 Huey said:

For the technique using soil like you mentioned to grow micro-greens, is it as nutritious as the sprooting method grown in glass bottles with water only? Is there a preference to grow micro-greens instead?

October 6, 2022 Katharina Paul-Mercier, RD said:

Thank you for your question!
I wouldn’t necessarily compare the nutritional value of sprouts and microgreens. One reason being that they both equally have interesting nutritional profile (rich in different antioxydants, vitamins, and sprouts from legumes especially are a good source of protein). In fact, germinated seeds contain a higher concentration of certain phytochemicals than mature plants. However, this is also the case for microgreens! Moreover, the nutrient profile is different from one seed variety to another.

Appart from the process to grow them, I would rather consider the difference between sprouts and microgreens in regards to their texture, taste and shape. In the end, healthy eating is a lot about eating a variety of foods, and microgreens can add a fun twist to our daily meals!

Hope this was useful!

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