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In the frozen food aisle, how do you choose from among the huge variety of milk, sorbets, desserts and other treats that look like ice cream?

To make the right choices for your health and taste buds, you first need the right information.

Did you know that for a product to be called ‘ice cream’ in Canada, it is not enough for it to just have the appearance? As per the Food and Drug Regulations, it should be made from ‘cream of milk or other milk product’ (such as butter oil).

It should also have at least 10% fat from a dairy product or 8% if cocoa, fruits, nuts or confections have been added. Which means that you can have ice cream that is cream-free, but not fat-free 🙂

Another ingredient that is always present is sugar, not only for taste but also for texture.

So, you must be thinking you’re better off sticking to frozen desserts, which contain less fat and even less sugar sometimes. You’re right, they are often a better option, health wise, but when they also contain cookies and candy, they may turn out to be a worse choice.

In short, such products should only be consumed occasionally, but if you do get tempted, be sure to at least read the ingredient list and nutrition table.

Aim for 12 grams maximum of sugar and 130 calories maximum per 125 ml serving of creams, yogurt or frozen desserts. In the case of sorbets, make sure that the first ingredient is a fruit or fruit puree. As for frozen yogurt, opt for one with 0 to 3 grams of fat per 125 ml serving.

The best part is, you can very easily prepare sorbets and ice cream at home, even without any special equipment. Why not try some of our sorbet or ice cream recipes?


Strawberry Ice Cream

Strawberry Ice Cream


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