Luxury cantaloupe melons fetch $16,000 at auction in Japan

27 May, 2013

The season for locally-grown cantaloupe melon has just started in Japan. A pair of 3.7 kg Yubari melons sold at auction last Friday for 1.6 million yen (about $16,000), one of the highest prices ever paid for the coveted orange-fleshed fruit.

In a country where a single apple can cost more than $5 and a presentation pack of 20 cherries sells for over $100, Japanese shoppers are used to paying high prices for their fruit. While imported melons cost “only” about $30, Yubari melons fetch high prices because they are considered a status symbol, like a fine wine, with many buyers presenting them as a gift to friends and colleagues.

Think about it next time you are enjoying Prosciutto and Melon :=)

Watch the following video to discover what makes Yubaris the world’s most expensive melons:


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