New Evidence in Favour of a Low-FODMAP Diet

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New scientific evidence has been recently published (May 24th, 2016) concerning the Low-FODMAP* Diet effectiveness for Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

This study was presented during DDW2016 (Digestive Disease Week) in San Diego California. The abstract was recognized as a «Noteworthy AGA (American Gastroenterologist Association) Clinical Abstract» – In a nutshell, FODMAP is newsworthy and the medical community was waiting for those results.

Key Findings

Here are the key findings presented in the abstract:

  • This is the first study of its kind (randomized controlled trial) that followed that many patients (83 people completed the whole study).
  • After 4 weeks, more than 60% of patients who were in the Low-FODMAP Diet group saw their quality of life and quality of sleep increased, as well as a decrease in their symptoms, compared to baseline. For patients in the control group (patients who didn’t follow the Low-FODMAP Diet), only 27% saw improvements.
  • It is one of the first studies conducted in the United States. This leads one to think that both the Low-FODMAP and the control diet are more similar to a typical Canadian diet than a typical Australian diet, where most FODMAP-related studies were conducted until now.

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As with most studies, certain caveats have to be mentioned. In this particular case, the study was conducted over a 4 week period only, hence, it is therefore not possible to conclude about the long-term effects of the Low-FODMAP Diet. Indeed, understanding the long-term effect on both the management of symptoms and microbiota (intestinal flora) is as important as managing symptoms and short-term quality of life.

Also, the majority of studies so far have proven the effectiveness of the Low-FODMAP Diet to reduce symptoms for people who suffer from IBS with a predominance of diarrhea (IBS-D). More studies are needed to find out if a Low-FODMAP Diet would be just as beneficial for people with IBS-C (IBS with a predominance of constipation) or even people with a mix of both diarrhea and constipation (IBS-M).

Effectiveness Confirmed

In an interview, the principal researcher, Shanti Eswaran, said that “Low-FODMAP is not a new treatment, but we are now convinced that it really works.”1

The recommendations are to follow a Low-FODMAP Diet for the necessary period only (elimination and food-challenge phases). Tolerated FODMAPs must be reintroduced as soon as possible, with the help of a registered dietitian.

*FODMAPs are fermentable carbohydrates that are partly responsible for causing symptoms in people with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). For more info, read this article.


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