Nurturing your growing child

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Help them enjoy whole grains

pain bread

The fibres in whole grain bread and pasta or brown rice prevent cholesterol build-up in the arteries. They also reduce the appetite further and help maintain a healthy weight.

If whole grain products are not a hit with everyone at home, then mix them with refined or ‘white’ products. Make sandwiches with a slice of white bread and a slice of whole grain bread, or a dish of white and whole grain pasta.

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Joëlle Emond

Joëlle Emond

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Passionate about food and health, Joëlle Emond always finds a way to convey her desire to cook and eat healthy! Good communicator, she can be found both in print media and on television. She is the founder of 123Nutrition, a company through which she delivers lectures on healthy eating.

Joëlle Emond

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