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Product Reviews for Athletes

January 22, 2016 ,

Our partner Pearle Nerenberg, who is a registered dietitian specialized in the area of sports nutrition, is starting a new column on this blog today. Every month, she independently tests products and reports back on their utility for athletes.

NutraSea + D

If you are looking for a vitamin D supplement I would consider this option. Here’s why:

  • 24690781_main_fullVitamin D should be taken with a meal rich in fats or with a pure fat to improve absorption. Nutra-sea was smart to add vitamin D to some of their fish oils. Now someone can get a dose of vitamin D with a quality omega-3 rich fat.
  • NutraSea offers the product as an oil or a capsule. I love the flexibility of the oil option as it allows you to take little amounts of the oil all day long in a drink, a soup, a sauce, on bread… By taking small amounts, a fishy aftertaste can easily be avoided.
  • They have flavours. These flavours do a great job of masking the fishy smell that fish oil naturally has. Crisp apple is my personal favourite.
  • They offer a place to check your batch for purity. Now they will not be selling you a batch that does not meet their criteria so it is a little gimmicky but a nice way for you to check out what the downside would be to eating too much fish (especially large fish) or seafood. In other words, it shows you what environmental toxins we should be on the lookout for in our fish.

Quick tips:

Store your oils in a cold place with no sunlight or heat exposure. I would not recommend getting the 500ml bottle of oil if you are the only one using it. The longer any oil is exposed to air, the more it oxidizes (lowering the quality of the oil).

Company website: www.ascentahealth.com

Price: $30-$40 CAD per 200ml ($0.75-$1 per daily dose)
Disclaimer: Pearle reviews products for the benefit of her hockey playing community. She never accepts endorsements from supplement companies. The company is notified of Pearle’s product review after her review has been published.

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Pearle Nerenberg
Pearle Nerenberg, MSc., R.D. is Canada's leading expert on hockey nutrition, and author of the book The Nutrition Edge for Hockey Performance. She co-founded and chairs the Hockey Nutrition Network, an international non-profit organization dedicated to linking hockey players with top sports dietitians who have an expertise in hockey nutrition.

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