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Santa Claus belly is contagious!

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It’s that time of the year again, where alcohol and food flow together in never ending parties. Who was never told: ‘‘I know you want another piece of cake, come on, it’s the holidays!’’ Without really thinking, we loosen up our pants and gobble it up even though we know we should have stopped after the ‘oh so many’ appetizers. We are encouraged throughout the year to overeat, but it seems that during the holidays we lose our will power to say ‘’no thank you, I ate enough’’. Instead of feeling guilty in January and spending the rest of the year trying to lose those last pesky 5 to 10 pounds again… why not just eat and drink less this year? Here are 4 tips to survive the holiday season.

1. Never go to a party hungry

One of the biggest mistake you can make is starve yourself before a holiday party in an effort to save up your calories. The hungrier you are, the less capable you will be to stay in control. Have a snack before you go. Not only will you be less attracted by those high calorie appetizers, it will also be easier to eat less food as you will not be as hungry. A healthy snack can include yogurt, fruits, vegetables or a handful of nuts.

2. Do not eat mindlessly

With all that good food available, it is almost impossible to not pick at food while socializing. Most people do it without thinking, and only realize that they were eating once the bowl is empty. Try to stay arm’s length away from all foods. If you cannot reach the food, you are less likely to mindlessly eat. If you are sitting at a table with food, do not be shy to push it away or place it somewhere else.

3. Be careful of liquid calories

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Liquid calories include all juices, alcoholic beverages and soft drinks. They increase your caloric intake while barely nudging your appetite. Alcohol can even increase your appetite and lure you to make unhealthy food choices. Add mineral water such as Perrier or San Pellegrino to your night. To make it more appealing, complement your drink with some berries or lemon to give it taste and a fancy drink appeal. Black coffee and tea are also good choices as they contain no calories.

4. Make room for dessert

No one should feel forced to say no to dessert, unless they really don’t like it. Plan ahead and eat less to make sure that you’re not overeating. If you feel bad about wasting food, you can always ask your host if you can bring what is left on your plate home because it is just so delicious. Ask for a small piece of dessert, and if you still consider it is too big, share it with someone or do not hesitate to leave some on the plate.

If ever you do catch Santa’s belly anyways and wish to lose a few pounds after the holidays, do not panic, we will be there on January 2nd to help you with your weight loss goals!

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Kathryn Adel
Kathryn completed degrees in kinesiology and nutrition, as well as a Masters in Sports Nutrition. She is a member of OPDQ and of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. She ran track and cross-country at a national level. Kathryn specializes in sports nutrition, weight loss, diabetes, as well as heart and gastrointestinal health. Kathryn is experienced with the low FODMAP diet and she completed the Monash University low FODMAP dietitian's training.

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