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Nassim Drissi Smaili, a Passion for Communication

July 3, 2022

Did you know that our team brings together members from many different countries? As we have subscribers all around the world, having diversity within our team is essential. This week, please meet Nassim Drissi Smaili, our Social Media Manager at SOSCuisine. You will discover an ambitious, passionate and creative person.


What does your career path look like ?

I am a person who likes accomplishing things with passion and so the idea of doing a job that I didn’t love scared me. That’s why I eliminated from my career everything that is scientific or related to calculations or numbers (laughs). I started by obtaining a Diploma of General University Studies in Management, since I aim to have my own business in the long term. Then, I specialised in Marketing and Commercial Activities, and it is after working in this field that I discovered my passion for digital communication and the creation of content in general. Social networks and new digital trends continue to impress me on a daily basis since they are constantly evolving, but especially because they allow us to give free rein to our creativity, and this is what I love the most!

How did you end up on the SOSCuisine team ?

Like many young people my age, I am always looking for my true professional destiny. As I mentioned earlier, my ultimate long-term goal is to open my own business and, to be even more specific, I aspire to create my own ready-to-wear brand. In order to do so, I had to learn the technical side of things which is why I decided to go back to school. But the communication and marketing side of my future brand couldn’t be ignored either.

So, I decided to continue to practice my profession as a freelance digital marketer alongside my new studies. And that’s when I came across a job ad for SOSCuisine, and I can tell you that I’m very happy to be a part of the team.

What do your days as Social Media Manager at SOSCuisine look like ?

My tasks are usually divided into two areas: permanent tasks that I have to deal with on either a daily basis such as community moderation, or a weekly basis such as creating, programming, or publishing posts on SOSCuisine’s social networks. Or intermittent tasks such as the implementation of certain strategies that aim to improve the digital notoriety of SOSCuisine, or the processing of technical requests that can be encountered on social networks. In any case, I am always working with the idea of giving a new breath of air to the brand in the online marketplace!

What are the challenges you face in your job ?

Social networks have become so accessible and available to all that it sometimes becomes very difficult to stand out from the crowd; even if what we offer may be much better than what others are offering. The biggest challenge for me is to always find a better way to present the brand or product, in an even more original and creative way than what is already available, and this is what motivates me to always look for and propose new ideas!

Nassim in the kitchen

If I were a food, I would be …  chocolate (Yum)! I think it’s the most delicious thing in the world; it’s a magical food that makes me happy no matter what!

My culinary specialty is … egg avocado toast. I always prepare this dish and each time I try to be even more creative in terms of taste or presentation!

In my kitchen, I avoid … soft drinks. I think it’s a shame to hurt my intestines when I can very well refresh myself by drinking natural juices or milkshakes.

My preferred SOSCuisine recipeChocolate Hazelnut Delight

chocolat delight - social media manager at SOSCuisine

Chocolate Hazelnut Delight


Cinzia Cuneo
Cinzia Cuneo, founder of, never wanted to neglect the quality of her food. She shares her special expertise to make good food quickly and without complications!

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