Succulent Lasagna

25 November, 2010 ,

Originally published in the Journal de Montréal on November 25, 2006.

Lasagna, one of the most classic pasta dishes of Italian cuisine, has become a favourite home-cooked meal in Canada. Easy to prepare and inexpensive, the charm and flavours of this comfort food are irresistible!

I suggest that you buy oven-ready lasagne noodles that do not require any precooking. If you are in a rush, you can use them “as is” directly in the baking dish; if however you have some time on your hands, you can drop them into a large pot of boiling water for 2 minutes and add a pinch of salt and a spoonful of oil (to stop the noodles from sticking to one another).

This results in softer lasagne that can be easily cut up to fit better into the selected baking dish. Moreover, in this way, lasagne will absorb the sauce better, and the final baking will be much faster.

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