TOP 10: Best Vegan Recipes!

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Vegan recipes contain absolutely no animal products. This means no eggs, cheese, milk, meat, etc. The vegan diet is centered on vegetables, legumes, roots and soy products. For healthy fats, vegans get their dose from oils, nuts and fruits like avocados. We’ve put together our top ten best vegan recipes for you to enjoy the wonderful flavours and aromas of vegan cooking.

Here’s our list!

#10 – Fruit and Couscous Salad

Vegan recipes Fruit and Couscous Salad

A versatile salad that can be served either as a starter or at the end of a meal, replacing a dessert.

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#9 – Vegetable and Bean Salad

Vegan recipes 
 Vegetable and Bean Ratatouille

A protein-rich version of the classic ratatouille.

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#8 – Rice Noodles and Tempeh Bowl with Peanut Sauce


Tempeh, like tofu, contains complete proteins, that is to say having all the essential amino acids. In addition, it contains at least 5g of fiber per 100g as well as good monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats.

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