Valentine’s Day DIY, Act II: I Love You Passionately…

February 5, 2014

After a drink, romance blossoms. Do you know how to create a striking effect without spending a fortune? By colour-coordinating your table! It’s really very simple and the end result is breathtaking:

1. Colourful passion

Since we are trying to cut down on our spending, there is no point in looking at non-reusable ornaments and decorations.
Embrace simplicity and buy napkins and a tablecloth in the same colour. This could be your partner’s favourite colour, a classic Valentine’s Day colour (red, pink, black…) or even a colour that matches the walls or furniture in the room where you’ll dine. The colour scheme alone will exude an aura of quality. Avoid patterns: this way you can reuse these items for other occasions. Another alternative is to buy a paper tablecloth and paper napkins – probably a less expensive option but one that will still have the desired effect.

2. Glowing passion

Light is a key element in a romantic ambiance. What kind of lighting you select will depend on your personality. If you’re more of a Renaissance-style romantic, go for a chandelier with large romantic candles. But if you tend to be more of a modern day romantic, then opt for single or scented candles in the same colour as your napkins and tablecloth. Another option is to be totally original and create a surprise by simply changing the bulbs of the lamps in your kitchen, living room or dining room to red bulbs for example, or to the same colour as your table setting.

3. Whispered passion

What happens when you pop into the kitchen to prepare or bring out the dishes? Some music would be perfect for filling in those gaps.

In case you don’t have a Valentine’s Day ‘playlist’, you can easily find one on YouTube or Spotify: there are even some that last for several hours. And if you have a smart phone, you could also assume a Don Juan pose and remote control the music on your computer. In fact there are many free Android and iPhone apps that let you control your computer remotely, and save you from spending money on a sound system. Take a look at ‘’Unified Remote’’ for Android and ‘’HippoRemote’’ for iPhone. The ‘Full Monty’ effect is guaranteed!


Amanda Labourot
Passionate about communications - but less clued up on cooking - Amanda hopes to gain some insights from SOSCuisine about improving one's health on a daily basis, whilst enjoying good food.

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