How Can the VIP Dietitian Service Help Me?

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We all know that the link between good nutrition and good health is clearly established. However, we don’t necessarily know how to successfully change our eating habits, or how to interpret the signals our bodies are sending us. Not to mention the fact that certain medical conditions require adapted diets which are not always easy to understand and master.

The best way to help with this is to see a dietitian, who is the only recognized health professional in personal food and nutrition. These professionals must have a three-and-a-half-year university bachelor’s degree in nutrition, allowing them to demonstrate scientific rigor in their professional practice. In Canada, the dietitian profession is regulated, and each province controls, through a professional order, the requirements and issuance of licensing. One of the main roles of a dietitian is to determine a nutritional treatment plan with the objective of maintaining or restoring health and to monitor the nutritional status of the client.

Reasons for consulting

There are many reasons for consulting with a dietitian. The most common are: to improve digestive health, prevent or control diabetes, protect cardiovascular health, lose/manage weight, improve athletic performance, reduce inflammation, facilitate the transition to another diet such as veganism, establish a plan that takes into account allergies and intolerances and meet the specific needs of women who are pregnant, breastfeeding or at the time of menopause.

Why choose SOSCuisine’s VIP Dietitian service?

Since the launch of our individual consultation service with a remote dietitian by video-conference, in 2013, we have helped thousands of people to improve their health, with a personalized and realistic approach, because we believe that any approach to dietary change must take into account the pleasure of eating well.

Whatever the reason for the consultation, the first meeting is always devoted to taking stock of the client’s health and discussing their needs and expectations, in order to jointly establish the program that will allow the achievement of the objectives – at the pace desired by the client. One of the advantages of video conferencing is that you can stay in the comfort of your own home, without wasting time in travel, with complete confidentiality and according to the same ethical rules as an in-person consultation.

Two follow-up consultations allow us to stay the course in order to achieve the objectives. During these meetings, we can reinforce new eating habits, answer questions, offer support in case of difficulties, maintain motivation, establish new goals or re-evaluate those we have set.

According to our experience, at the end of these three meetings, over a period of about three months, the dietary change is well underway, thanks to the support of the expert dietitian, of course, but also thanks to the personalized weekly meal pans, with recipes and a shopping list which make it easier to put the dietitians recommendations into practice on a daily basis. This is what makes the difference and which helps you to acquire new skills over the long term, all while maintaining your motivation.

Whatever your situation, we will accompany you and help you to meet your health goals, in an efficient, personalized and empathetic manner.

If you are interested, whether for yourself or for your family or friends, you will find all the details in the description page of the service. I would also remind you that several group insurances reimburse consultations with dietitians.

Here are some testimonials from those who have used the service:

André D. – Problem: Diverticulitis

I would like to mention all the professionalism of Madame Morzier and the kindness that she possesses and brought to me during these past three months. Thanks to her and your balanced weekly meal plans tailored just for me, they have helped me to restore my health along with some much-appreciated weight loss.

Danielle L. – Problem: Weight loss

I am very satisfied with my LCHF meal plans; all the recipes I made were delicious, I have no complaints. I had Kathryn Adel as a dietitian; I adored her, very professional …. So, well done to your entire team, in any case your cook has brilliant ideas.

Chantal G. – Problem: Irritable bowel

Thank you very much for the support offered by the dietitian, which I greatly appreciated! You are undoubtedly part of my newfound well-being! A more than satisfied customer!


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Cinzia Cuneo, founder of, never wanted to neglect the quality of her food. She shares her special expertise to make good food quickly and without complications!

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