Vitamin D for healthy bones … and much more!

21 February, 2012 , ,

We all know that Calcium is essential for healthy bones. But did you know that it needs an ally to be absorbed by our body? This is but one of the roles of Vitamin D.

In addition to preventing osteoporosis and slow down its progression, Vitamin D also appears useful in preventing certain cancers. It could even play a role in the prevention of diabetes and diseases of the immune system. That is why it is so important to ensure an adequate intake.

Health Canada recommends 15 micrograms per day of vitamin D. And Osteoporosis Canada recommends a higher intake for people over 50 years, at least 20 micrograms per day. It is possible to rely on food to ensure an intake of 10 micrograms per day, as done by our “bone-healthy” meal plans. However, it is very difficult to ensure a higher intake, since only some fatty fish (salmon, tuna, sardines) and fortified foods contain substantial quantities.

In summer, this is less of a problem, because the main source of vitamin D is our own body, when exposed to sunlight. But in winter, in our northern latitudes, it is a very different story because we expose much less of our skin to sunlight, which is already weaker, and for much less time.

To learn more about osteoporosis and recommended intakes of vitamin D, Click here.

Try our recipe for Marinated Swordfish with Marjoram, which is an excellent source of vitamin D.

Marinated Swordfish with Marjoram

Marinated Swordfish with Marjoram


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