Watercress: small leaves that pack a healthy punch

11 November, 2009

Originally published in the Journal de Montréal on November 24, 2007.

Watercress belongs to the cruciferous family and it is a perennial plant that grows wildly in humid and aquatic surroundings.

Both its gastronomic as well as its medicinal benefits have been appreciated for a long time: Hippocrates, the ancient Greek physician is said to have even constructed a hospital near a stream where watercress grew, so as to have easy access to it.

Recent scientific studies confirm the benefits of watercress to us, because apart from being very rich in vitamins and minerals, it also possesses extraordinary cancer-preventing properties. So let’s add it in our salads and sandwiches, or in a pasta dish, like the one I’m recommending here.

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Fusilli with Watercress and Feta Cheese

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