Whipping Cream vs. Cool Whip

10 July, 2009

Hi Cinzia!

From a nutritional point of view, is it more healthy to use real whipped cream or products like Cool Whip® or Nutri Whip® in recipes?

Thank you!

Hi Stephanie,

In order to determine the nutritional value of a product, it is imperative you look at two things: the nutrition facts table and the list of ingredients.

We compared Ultra’crème‘s® whipping cream to Cool Whip®. The first thing that we noticed is that the whipping cream contains more fat. In fact, when comparing the same quantity, the whipping cream contains almost 2 times more saturated fat than Cool Whip®. But, Cool Whip® (and other similar whipped toppings) have a lot more sugar than whipping cream.

Whipping cream “only” has 7 ingredients – with cream and milk as the first two listed. Whereas the first three ingredients listed for Cool Whip® are water, corn syrup and hydrogenated vegetable oil (translation: trans fats!) from a list of 10 ingredients in total. With the effects of trans fat on the cardiovascular system now common knowledge – it is better to avoid it at all costs.

Our conclusion? If you’re not a calorie-counter and aren’t concerned by the amount of fat you consume, it is better to opt for the natural stuff: whipping cream. It tastes better and has more natural ingredients than products like Cool Whip® (plus, you can exercise your arm by whipping it up by hand!). We think this is a better choice – in moderation, of course!

To simplify the comparison, consult the following table. We compare the nutritional values of 15ml of whipping cream vs 15ml of Cool Whip®.

For 15ml Whipping cream (35%) Cool Whip®
Energy (kcal) 50 13
Total Fat (g) 5 0.8
      – Saturated (g) 1.5 0.8
Carbohydrates (g) 1 1
      – Sugars (g) 0 1
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January 14, 2013 at 1:24 am, rosa said:

Can I use beaten egg whites with beaten nutri whip? Can I mix them together?

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