Why Exclude Cow’s Milk Protein or Bovine Protein?

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What is a bovine protein allergy or intolerance?

This is not a very common allergy among infants, unlike a cow’s milk protein allergy (CMPA). 

When a child is allergic to bovine proteins, in addition to having to exclude cow’s milk proteins from his or her mother’s food, it will also be necessary to exclude bovine proteins: beef, veal, bison and also foods containing bovine albumin, tallow, rennet and gelatin.

It is important to note that it is not justified to avoid bovine protein altogether for all children allergic to cow’s milk because very few children allergic to cow’s milk protein are also allergic to bovine protein. On the other hand, almost all children allergic to bovine protein are also allergic to cow’s milk protein.

Should soybeans also be disposed of?

Soybeans, like sheep’s and goat’s milk, are among the sources of potential allergies mingled with intolerances to bovine proteins and cow’s milk proteins. However, eliminating soy should not be systematic and should first be discussed with a professional.


In conclusion, except for cases of proven allergies, it is not necessary to exclude cow’s milk protein and bovine protein from one’s diet. It is also recommended to consult with a dietitian to avoid any unnecessary restrictions, any dietary deficiencies (such as calcium, vitamin D, protein…) and especially to customize the approach and discuss the alternatives available to maintain a balanced diet. 

If for personal reasons you want to eliminate red meat from your diet and you are subscribed to our meal plans, simply go to the “common exclusions” section of your profile and select “red meat”. Similarly if you are lactose intolerant there is a specific box to check. However it could be that you tolerate a small amount so there is no need to check this box if this is the case. In this way you’ll have more recipes offered to you.


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Jennifer Morzier
Jennifer is a Registered Dietitian graduated from the University of Montreal in December 2018 and is a member of the Ordre professionnel des diététistes du Québec (OPDQ). She believes that the quality of our food choices has a direct impact on our health and energy level. Her goal? To help people improve the quality of what they put in their plates, for their better well-being and greater pleasure.

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