World Digestive Health Day 2014: Spotlight on “Gut Microbes”

28 May, 2014

29th May is World Digestive Health Day. Held annually since 2004 by the World Gastroenterology Organisation, this day is an opportunity to raise awareness and increase knowledge about the health of the digestive system.

This year’s topic is “Gut Microbes: Importance in Health and Disease”. In fact, the results of research in recent years have demonstrated the fundamental importance of the microbial communities that inhabit the human gut.

SOSCuisine/gut-floraWhat was formerly known as “gut flora” and then renamed “gut microbe” is now considered an organ in its own right, consisting of 100,000 billion bacteria belonging to more than 1,000 different species and weighing between 1.5 to 2 kg. The number of cells making up gut microbes is 10 times higher than the number of cells composing the human body. The metagenome of the gut microbe, or “microbiome” is found to be much more diverse than the human genome.

This vast microbial community is connected not only to the gut, but also to the nervous and immune systems, thereby playing a crucial part in maintaining our health. A proper diet is essential to ensure a positive functioning of the gut microbe.

In contrast, an unhealthy and less varied gut microbial community is closely linked to certain diseases such as irritable bowel syndrome, chronic inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), or even metabolic syndrome, obesity and diabetes. It seems that even certain psychological problems such as depression and anxiety may be linked to gut microbes.

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