Zero gravity cooking

20 August, 2014 ,

A feast for all the senses, food has been inspiring photographers for a long time. Many photos that glorify food or illustrate magnificent recipes are already all over the Internet. And some of these are more innovative than others. The ones that German artists Nora Luther and Pavel Beker have just published belong to this category.

After selecting a recipe, they gather all the ingredients required for its preparation and they photograph them “in mid-air”. By using such a method, the food looks as though it is suspended over the pots and dishes.

In these photos, foods seem to float in a zero gravity environment, just as astronauts do in a shuttle.

These images are both beautiful and practical, because whoever looks at them can identify all the ingredients in the recipe at a glance.

Other photos by Nora Luther are available here, and those by her colleague Pavel Beker can be found here.







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