Chill out with a frozen drink

July 19, 2013

Frozen drinks with crushed ice are an extremely delicious way to beat the summer heat and they come in many forms such as slush, granita, frappé, etc. Refreshing and colourful, they are a huge hit with youngsters, but beware, because their nutritional profile is not very flattering…

These drinks almost always consist of sweetened water, flavoured with fruit coloring and crushed ice. Some people confuse slushes with smoothies, but while the latter contains real fruit, a slush is made up of sugar and coloring. So the only advantage of frozen drinks is their thirst-quenching power, which is unfortunately accompanied by a fair amount of calories.

In the case of iced coffees and cappuccinos, which cater more to adults, fat in the form of milk or cream also has to be added.

The sizes available in the market can vary widely. In many shops, 400 ml is only the small size, while in others, it stands for the medium size. So let’s compare approximately 400 ml of each of these beverages:


Frozen Drink



(400 mL)

Slush Sugar and fruit-flavoured water with crushed ice 270
Milk and ice cream with fruits or flavourings 500
Iced coffee–milk
Coffee with milk and ice cubes 100
Iced coffee–cream
Coffee with cream and ice cubes 150
Iced cappuccino–milk Cappuccino with milk and crushed ice 225
Iced cappuccino–cream Cappuccino with cream and crushed ice 350

You can always prepare healthy and economical alternatives such as a yummy Homemade lemonade.


Homemade Refreshing Yellow Lemonade with Ice and Mint


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