Common Diet Myths and Arthritis

29 May, 2018 , ,

So you have arthritis and you’ve heard that if you eat golden raisins soaked in gin you’ll get cured? Patients tell this to doctors all the time. But there is not even the smallest piece of scientific evidence to support that. None at all. It just doesn’t work. If you enjoy the flavor of golden raisins in gin as a dessert, then go for it, just do not expect to help with your condition at all. Be honest.

Meal Plans Against Rheumatoid Arthritis

There’s a lot of nonsense going around recently about foods that can cure arthritis. Here’s the thing, arthritis cannot be cured. If you eat right, it will be a lot easier to manage but eating right is not about going for magic or silver bullets but about eating healthily. Eat a lot of fruits, vegetables, fish, nuts. Avoid processed foods, refined carbohydrates and other foods that promote inflammation. Just be smart and don’t fall for fantasies.

Recently the Dong diet became popular. It’s about eliminating fruits, red meats, and dairy foods. There is just no scientific evidence that supports this approach but it could actually be very harmful. Fruits are one of the nutritional elements you need most as an arthritic patient. They’re full of micronutrients, vitamin c, fiber and they are low in calories. Getting rid of such important nutritional elements will endanger users. They could become deficient in very relevant nutrients that would be helping them otherwise. This kind of diet (elimination diet) has its fans. And they’re not all bad, but they should be used only after consulting with a good, registered dietician. Eating according to fashion does not help with ailments. Proper eating does.

There’s another diet that goes for avoiding all dairy products. Some people say dairy products actually worsen arthritis. The problem with this view is that dairy products are rich in calcium and vitamin d, which is desperately needed by arthritic patients and keeping them away from this nutritional resource is more likely to harm them than to help them. Calcium and vitamin d help bone strength so if you just get rid of them you will just weaken your bones which is at the heart of the arthritis problem.

Another myth that’s been going around for years is that if you just stop eating nightshade vegetables like peppers, eggplant, potatoes, and tomatoes everything will get better. The notion behind this is that arthritis is caused by a toxin produced by this vegetables. This has never been backed up by scientific studies at all. In fact, it’s just ridiculous. Tomatoes are rich in potassium and peppers are richer than citrus fruits in vitamin C, which are both critical nutrients for everybody (let alone arthritic patients). This nightshade vegetables (except for the starchy potato) are low in calories, rich in micronutrients and fiver and good for everybody.

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