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Not to deprive yourself of the delights of tartare, I invite you to quite simply prepare it yourself, by making sure you follow the below tips:

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1. Choose the meat or fish

Make sure that the food is fresh. Using pre-tenderized or pre-minced meat is out of the question. Ask your butcher for a whole piece of meat that you will chop yourself with a knife. Ditto with your fishmonger.

2. Be hygienic

Handling raw meat and fish calls for impeccable hygiene. It is imperative to properly clean the chopping boards and knives before and after each use, and between each food.

3. Freeze

If you want the flesh to be firm, freezing is a non-essential but useful step, with the additional advantage of reducing the number of microorganisms that could be present on the flesh. Wrap the meat or fish in cling film and pop it in the freezer for about an hour before slicing and chopping.

4. Chop

Mixers and grinders should be an absolute no-no. A good sharp knife will do the job. Chop at the very last minute. Otherwise, refrigerate the food, but never for more than 2 hours.

5. Season and serve

You should ideally season 20 minutes before serving to keep the spices fresh and to not “cook” the meat. Serve immediately.

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Beef Tartare

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