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Eat Fruits and Vegetables Daily in 5 Easy Steps!

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Did you know that the daily consumption of vegetables and fruits might help reduce the risk of certain types of cancer? Moreover, regularly eating large amounts of fruits and vegetables can also reduce the risk of heart disease. Yet it is not always easy to include these foods in our daily meals, among other things, for lack of time and organization. We are going to give you tips for eating fruits and vegetables without too much effort.

1. Breakfast

Little time between waking up and leaving for work? Opt for a fruit or veggie smoothie. Ready in 5 minutes using a blender or food processor, this hearty drink is a perfect and fun way to eat fruits and veggies! When you have a little more time, for example during week-ends, you may prepare a smoothie bowl.

Try some of our smoothie recipes.

2. Fruit or Vegetable Salads

These dishes are ideal as entrées or side dishes. No cooking is normally required, and they allow you to save time, while eating healthily. By adding a source of protein and a grain product you will have a complete meal.

If you have children, add colorful foods to your salads: this will not only catch their eye but will also pave the way for good eating habits at an early age.

3. Soups and Puréed Vegetables

Eating soups and puréed veggies is a great way of consuming your daily servings of vegetables needed. Furthermore they are usually inexpensive and can be made easily and quickly. In winter, the variety of colors of the different vegetables will brighten up your table.

Try some of our soup recipes.

4. Desserts

It is often easier and intuitive to add fruits in desserts. Depending on your time and desire to cook, we have recipes that are more or less sophisticated and for all budgets. Fruit compotes are easy to make and economical.

5. Snacks

When you step out of the house, remember to carry some quick-to-eat fruits like oranges or apples. When you’re feeling a bit peckish, a fruit is healthier than a chocolate bar! Check out our ideas for vegetable or fruit snacks for a little inspiration.

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And so, what are your tips for easy consumption of fruits and vegetables? Please let us know in the comments below.


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