Halibut: only from the Pacific or… the fish farm!

11 August, 2012

Originally published in the Journal de Québec on August 11, 2012.

The term “halibut” refers to certain large flatfish that have an elongated body with both eyes on the same side. They are also known as “turbot” in Canada. This fish whose size and weight vary greatly from one specimen to another (usually around 1 meter in length and between 3 and 50 kilograms), is the largest flatfish in the world, and its size could exceed 2.5 meters and it may weigh up to 300 kilograms.

The halibut lives in depths of over 150 meters, feeding on shrimp and other fish.

Its white, firm and lean flesh with very few bones makes it one of the most popular choices of fish. Once abundant in the waters of the North Atlantic, the Atlantic halibut is now under threat of extinction. That is why we should only consume its cousin, the Pacific halibut, or farmed fish, i.e. from aquaculture.

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