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Jennifer Morzier, a Passionate Dietitian at SOSCuisine

May 16, 2021 ,

Many of you have been curious to learn more about the SOSCuisine team. Behind the website, recipes, newsletter and professional services, there is a multitude of talent and expertise to inspire you and help you to eat better. This week, we introduce Jennifer Morzier, a dietitian and product and partnership development coordinator at SOSCuisine.

How did you become a dietitian?

As a student, I completed a master’s degree in environmental economics in Bordeaux, France, and I spent my final year of studies in Madagascar from 2009 to 2010. I really enjoyed my experience there. Afterwards, life took me to Edinburgh, where I took some English classes, at then to work at various jobs in Switzerland, where I originally come from. It was then that I decided to travel to Canada on a working holiday visa. My first job when I arrived here was as a dog walker. It worked out well since one of my passions in life is dogs, especially my own! I have always been interested in nutrition, but in France, to become a dietitian, you first have to study medicine and then specialize. When I discovered that in Quebec, you can do a specific diploma to become a nutritionist/dietitian, I realized that it was an opportunity for me to return to my first love. In 2018, I graduated and became an official dietitian.

How did you end up on the SOSCuisine team?

I had heard about SOSCuisine at the Expo Manger Santé et Vivre Vert de Montréal. As I have irritable bowel syndrome, I had already come across the low-FODMAP recipes as well as the SOSCuisine book, and I thought: this would be a great place to work! Eventually, I saw a job opening and gave it a try.

What do your days at SOSCuisine look like?

Initially, I was hired as a product and partnership development coordinator. The idea is to get in touch with health care professionals who might be interested in our services to better help their patients, be they dietitians, doctors or nurses. We also have partnerships with health co-ops. There is also an aspect of the job to do with product development, so I help to make the link between the development team and the dietitians. Recently, I also began managing the VIP dietitian service and writing articles. What I like best about my job at SOSCuisine is that my job will adapt according to the different needs. My days are varied, and I have the freedom to manage my tasks and schedule. I have been learning a lot from Cinzia, who has a lot of experience writing articles, and I am really well supported.

What are the challenges you face as a dietitian?

As a dietitian, I think one of our biggest challenges is to make the profession known. Sometimes people can be a little confused between a naturopath and a dietitian: who does what, who should they go and see? For a lot of people, you only go to a dietitian when you want to lose weight, but the profession offers much more than that, whether it’s working with pathologies or eating disorders, for example.  Nutrition is constantly changing, so it’s a challenge to stay informed, and we need to continuously keep learning and updating our knowledge.

Jennifer in the kitchen

If I were a food, I would be… dark chocolate! Because it’s strong, but also melts. This is like me, as I can be tough sometimes, but I also have my sweet side.

My culinary specialty is…  low-FODMAP meals. My last culinary experiment was a pizza with a quinoa crust.

In my kitchen, I avoid … ultra-processed products.  I prefer to plan and cook on the weekends in order to have good meals and snacks for the rest of the week.

My preferred SOSCuisine recipeQuinoa and Chia Oatmeal


Quinoa and Chia Oatmeal

Quinoa and Chia Oatmeal


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June 10, 2021 Nectar said:

How can An I take an appointment with you Emilie Zaore

Thank you for sharing your experience with your readers

Cinzia Cuneo
June 10, 2021 Cinzia Cuneo said:

Hello, yes of course. Please subscribe to our VIP Dietitian service

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