Making the Best Low FODMAP Choices at Restaurants

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Ever wondered what to choose at the restaurant when you’re on a low FODMAP* diet? I have the answer for you right here.

To simplify your life, here’s a winning formula: choose a restaurant that offers options without gluten, onion or garlic.

It should be noted that all grilled meat, poultry, and fish without sauce, served with rice or potatoes and low FODMAP vegetables are good choices, regardless of the type of cuisine or occasion. You should be extra careful around dishes using sauces and/or broth (soups, stews, etc.), which may contain high levels of hidden FODMAP ingredients, such as onions and garlic. To see the list of the main foods high in FODMAP click here. To see the list of the main foods with low or medium FODMAP content click here. Bearing this in mind, here are some examples of “best compromised” dishes.

Is Gluten a FODMAP?

It is not gluten which is the problem in the low FODMAP diet. In fact, wheat is removed from the diet for its content of fructan and not gluten. However, avoiding gluten means that you steer clear of wheat and therefore avoid one of the main sources of fructans.

Your Best Low FODMAP Choices when Eating Out


Kebabs (skewered meat), tikka and tandoori dishes served with cooked white rice are tasty and low in FODMAPs for an exotic night out.


As a starter, have a Caprese salad or an antipasto (avoid artichokes).

Pasta (gluten-free and low-FODMAP) with most sauces (marinara, carbonara, pesto (watch the garlic!)) is suitable.

Grilled meat and poultry, polenta and steamed vegetables are also good choices.

If you choose a pizza, be sure to ask for a gluten-free crust (and verify that it is also low-FODMAP) with tomato sauce and low FODMAP toppings of your choice. Make sure that the chef doesn’t add garlic or onion to the sauce.


Corn chips, beef or chicken tacos, tamales, tostadas, fajitas, and nachos are good picks. Make sure to always check that there’s no onion or garlic. It is best to avoid guacamole since avocados are high in FODMAPs. Beans and other legumes must also be avoided.

*FODMAPs are fermentable carbohydrates that are partly responsible for causing symptoms in people with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). For more info, read this article.

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Jef L'Ecuyer
Member of the Quebec College of Dietitians (ODNQ) and Dietitians of Canada,Jef graduated from McGill University in December 2014. Recently graduated and passionate about culinary arts, Jef poses a simple, effective and practical look at daily meal planning. With this in mind, she works in conjunction with the mission of SOSCuisine...

2 comments to “Making the Best Low FODMAP Choices at Restaurants”

April 6, 2017 Lise said:

I have to travel quite a bit for work, so I end up eating out a lot. Since I’ve been on a low FODMAPS diet, restaurants have become an important issue for me.

One comment I would add is to check whether the meats have been pre-marinated. Many of the places I’ve been to, marinate meats ahead of time ( especially chicken breasts!!) so that has really cut down on my options. Garlic, onions and especially soy sauce are often part of the marinade. Up till now, none of the restaurants have any non-marinated meats available. It becomes an issue when you’re eating out several days in a row. There are only so many times a week one can eat salmon!

Any advice?

Cinzia Cuneo
April 6, 2017 Cinzia Cuneo said:

Hi Lise,
We know it is hard when you travel. The only additional tip is to make sure you always carry with you some “emergency food”, such as some low-FODMAP nuts and fruits.

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