Prediabetes Meal Plans : Luce’s Testimonial

June 21, 2021

Here is the testimony of one of our members, Luce, who had a positive experience with the Prediabetes and Healthy meal plans.

I first discovered SOSCuisine through their columns published in the Journal de Québec. At that time, I didn’t know that it was also a website and that they offered a meal plan service. It was only when my daughter told me about it that I was able to see all of the services that were offered, and I subscribed.

I started with the Healthy meal plan in 2015. However, about three years ago, my blood tests showed that, without being on the verge of developing diabetes, I was still approaching what is called prediabetes or glucose intolerance. Therefore, my doctor asked me to meet with a nurse to help supervise and advise me, even though I already had good eating habits. When I went to see the nurse at her desk, I showed her my favorite recipes from SOSCuisine, and she told me right away: “Those are excellent!” So, I only had a few dietary changes to make, but I still changed my profile to “Prediabetes” to help me get results.  In the beginning, I used SOSCuisine to inspire me, and then it became a tool to help me with my health.

With the Prediabetes meal plan, I not only made new discoveries, but I also found recipes that I had already seen or tried. It kind of reassured me, and I didn’t feel restricted.

Finally, last summer, my doctor said to me: “Well done! Your blood sugar level has almost returned to normal.”  Seeing as I had reached the goal, I returned to the Healthy meal plan.

What I like about SOSCuisine is that in addition to getting inspiration and ideas, everything is well organized: you have plenty of recipes and health tips all in one place. It suits me, because I don’t like to do Google searches constantly: quality over quantity! So, I really appreciate that everything is accessible on the same site. In addition, the personalized meal plan service is more than affordable.

I highly recommend this site to people who want to eat better and make new culinary discoveries.

Luce’s favorite recipes

Marengo Chicken

poulet marengo menus prédiabète

See the recipe >>

Quinoa and Lentil Salad

salade quinoa lentilles menus prédiabète

See the recipe >>

Farfalle (Bow Tie) with Sausage

farfalle saucisses menus prédiabète

See the recipe >>

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Emilie Zaoré
A graduate of UQAM and the University of Montreal, Émilie has been a freelance communications expert since 2012. A foodie and passionate about new technologies, she's always on the lookout for trends and loves to share fascinating tidbits on social media.

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