TOP 10: Traditional Quebec Recipes

6 June, 2016 ,

In honour of St. Jean-Baptiste Day, also known as La fête nationale in Quebec, we’re celebrating Quebec cuisine. Some of these dishes are more widely known than others, but every Quebecois will recognise them. Our cuisine is homey and comforting, though not necessarily healthy. But it certainly would have sustained the first settlers through the winter. Here are the top 10 Quebec recipes, in honour of la fête nationale!

#10 – Pudding Chomeur


Pudding “Chômeur”

Quebecois certainly have a sweet tooth and this maple dessert only just beat out Sugar Pie for the tenth spot on this list. Pouding Chomeur literally means unemployed man’s dessert, and is essentially an upside down maple cake. It’s popular during maple season, as are a few of the other entries on our list! If you love sweets and maple, it’s a must try. Sugar pie, butter tarts, and Vachon snack cakes are also popular Quebec sweets, that are well known across Canada.

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