Valentine’s Day DIY, Act I: I Love You Very Much…

February 4, 2014

With your SOSCuisine Valentine’s Day recipes, you are sure to score a perfect ten. That being said, there may be moments when you have to step back into the kitchen to orchestrate your gastronomic festival. It is important not to leave your Valentine unattended.

Healthy Meal Plans from SOSCuisine
So I suggest that you prepare a pitcher of Ginger Syrup that your partner can sip from time to time. Ginger apparently has aphrodisiac properties that you’ll definitely enjoy late in the evening. 😉

What’s more, this exclusive SOSCuisine recipe can be prepared in 15 minutes flat!

You can also add a bit of your guest’s favourite alcohol to your preparation… but in moderation! If you want to add a dash of colour to your cocktail, include some small fruits like cherries, raspberries or strawberries in the drink.

Go ahead and buy the frozen variety: contrary to the urban legend about frozen fruits, nothing is added to them during the manufacturing process. This ginger cocktail suggestion makes a nice inexpensive aperitif that you can pair with our suggestions for hors-d’oeuvres and appetizers.


Amanda Labourot
Passionate about communications - but less clued up on cooking - Amanda hopes to gain some insights from SOSCuisine about improving one's health on a daily basis, whilst enjoying good food.

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