Winemaker for a Day

22 September, 2011

Did you know that you can now pick grapes in Quebec? From mid-September to mid-October, certain vineyards such as la Bauge and Domaine du Ridge invite visitors to become ‘winemakers for a day’ by taking part in grape picking and stomping, thereby working together to create their own vintage.

Professional winemakers greet you in the morning, give you a brief background on viticulture in Quebec and explain how to harvest grapes. Then it’s off to the vineyards with pail and pruning shears in hand to harvest grapes for a good hour or so (sufficient time to enjoy yourself without getting a backache!)


After dinner, the grapes are pressed to extract juice. The winegrower takes you through the winemaking process right up to bottling.

And finally, the ‘grape on the cake’ is that the following year, you will receive a bottle of wine from the ‘special vintage’ that you would have contributed towards making. So make the most of it and enjoy this unique experience!

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