Month: April 2014


Quick meals: 6 “hey presto” tips!

April 29, 2014 No Comments

Picture this: you return home in the evening, you have neither the time nor the energy to step into the kitchen, but the kids are starving and waiting for you. So, what do you do? Here some easy tips for making quick and tasty meals on weekday evenings:

Snow crab season is back

April 26, 2014 No Comments

Gourmets have been waiting for snow crab season with as much impatience as spring. That’s right, the snow crab season is back. And it can be enjoyed until June. So check out our Flyer Specials table to see where you can buy some. This shellfish, which is harvested in deep waters near the coastlines of the […]

The poverty challenge: “Live below the line” next week

April 23, 2014 No Comments

Since 2010, the fund-raising campaign “Live below the line” invites everybody to eat and drink for 5 days in the same conditions as 1.2 billion people do every day throughout the world. Think about that figure – 1.2 BILLION – living every day below the extreme poverty line. That is currently estimated by the World […]

Why should we build our own urban garden?

April 22, 2014 No Comments

This question has several answers: 1. To enjoy fresh produce that’s tasty, pesticide-free and cost effective. 2. To do some physical activity in an enjoyable manner, which has beneficial effects on our health and on our wellbeing

5 Steps for a Successful Urban Garden

April 22, 2014 1 Comment

Be it a reaction to junk food or to soaring vegetable prices, weekend time pass or a simple way to stay fit, maintaining a kitchen garden has become an increasingly popular practice. Whether we have a balcony, a roof or a small courtyard, we can all aspire to our tiny patch of greenery and enjoy […]


Stop Comparing Yourself with Others, and Reach Your OWN Goals

April 21, 2014 No Comments

No one can dispute that we often like to make comparisons between ourselves and others. In order to save time and money, many people use pre-made programs or believe hearsay from their brother-in-law who heard about a new fad diet or training program.

oeufs de pâques easter eggs

Easter Eggs

April 19, 2014 No Comments

From the humble, coloured hard-boiled egg to the most prestigious Fabergé eggs in precious metals and decorated stones, the Easter egg is an age-old tradition. In fact, the custom of offering decorated eggs existed long before the Christian era. As spring is the season in which nature blossoms, the egg, representing life and rebirth, was […]

Healthy bowl of cereal, une bol de céreales santées

Change your habits in 14 days

April 16, 2014 No Comments

You don’t know where to begin to adopt healthy eating habits? Begin gradually. Integrate a new habit every day, for 14 days, and after 2 weeks your nutrition will be noteworthy! Here are my suggestions:

Does your partner have type 2 diabetes? You could also be at risk

April 15, 2014 No Comments

A new research from McGill University Health Center (MUHC), published in the journal suggests that if a person has type 2 diabetes, their spouse has 26% increased risk of developing the condition. The investigators came to this conclusion after analyzing six studies, conducted in different parts of the world, involving a total of 75,498 couples. […]

Ramboutan, the “hairy” lychee

April 15, 2014 No Comments

Originally published in the Journal de Montréal on April 12, 2014. Of all the exotic fruits that grocery stores are selling with increasing frequency nowadays, rambutan is probably one of the oddest, due to the rather long and curved fibrous growths that cover it, giving it the appearance of a “hairy lychee”. The name “rambutan” […]

What do you eat for breakfast?

April 11, 2014 No Comments

Every geographic region and cultural group around the world has its own pattern of eating. This short video highlights the typical breakfast of many different countries. I invite you to compare your usual breakfast to these ones. You may borrow some healthy eating ideas and leave some less-wholesome practices on foreign soil.

4 good reasons to use interval training

April 8, 2014 No Comments

You have probably heard about it, but when it comes to cardio, it is often recommended to try interval training. Please note that this type of training can also be used by beginners. WHAT IS INTERVAL TRAINING? Interval training is made of two distinct phases: the period for intensity, and the rest period.

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