5 Scientifically Proven Ways to Boost Immunity

8 February, 2016

5. Catch your zzz’s:


Cohen’s research team at Carnegie-Mellon also found those who averaged less than seven hours of sleep a night were three times more likely to develop a cold than those who averaged eight hours a night.  Based on when you are getting up in the morning (for work or family obligations) be sure to determine an appropriate time to hit the hay to get enough shut eye!

Bottom Line:

To keep your immune system healthy, eat a nutritionally balanced diet emphasizing fruits and veggies. Keep your wellness a priority through acts of self-care to prevent stress and burnout. Get yourself moving regularly, take a vitamin D supplement and prioritize getting enough sleep! Also, remember to be critical of health claims promising, “immune boosting” – see my previous article on How to Spot Nutrition Misinformation for ways to know if something is worth believing.

Stay well!

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Andrea D'Ambrosio

Andrea D’Ambrosio

Registered Dietitian, RD at Dietetic Directions

Andrea is a Registered Dietitian and owner of Dietetic Directions, a nutritional counselling and education company. Andrea’s mission is to inspire clients through motivation and guidance to achieve life-long health behaviour changes. She has taken continuing education in the areas of Food Allergy and Food Hypersensitivity, Health Research Literacy, Motivational Interviewing & Coaching for Behaviour Change.

Andrea D'Ambrosio

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April 24, 2020at8:50 am, Eva said:

Thanks for sharing the article after reading your article I can follow proper diet plan as you suggested.

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