5 Tips to Optimise the Low FODMAP Diet

24 November, 2015 , ,

3. Look out for hidden FODMAPs


The food industry likes to add sweeteners to processed foods to enhance their flavour and texture. But more often than not, these products are FODMAPs! Be careful to avoid inulin, agave syrup, honey and sweeteners like sorbitol and xylitol in your food. These may be responsible for symptoms that linger despite your diligence.

Foods that are most often the culprits:

  •        Sugar-free chewing gum (contains sweeteners: polyols)
  •        Commercial broths (often contain garlic and onion: fructans)
  •        Commercial grain products (cereal bars, breads) (often contain inulin: fructans)

If you are taking medicines, talk to your pharmacist about your medication containing possible FODMAPs.

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