DIY Valentine’s Day, Act III: I Love You like Crazy…

February 5, 2014

After dessert and before ‘sleeping’… Have you thought of a small gift for your significant other? How about buying a heart-shaped box in a drugstore or Dollorama and filling it up with Valentine’s Day chocolates that you can make at home with the famous SOSCuisine recipe?

Healthy Meal Planner This way, you can pamper yourselves with a really great gift of healthy candy between two romps in the romantic bedroom you’ll have decorated.

If you repeat the same pattern as in Act II, you’ll be sure to create an erotic atmosphere! So, select a more sensual playlist and dimmer lights for an intimate mood.

If you are a very romantic person, strew some flower petals on your bed and place scented candles in the same colour as your table setting around your bed and on your bedroom furniture. But be careful in your choice of scented candles, as some are harmful to people’s health! Check out our recommendations here before buying your candles.

In the hope that my tips will have been useful, I wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day!


Amanda Labourot
Passionate about communications - but less clued up on cooking - Amanda hopes to gain some insights from SOSCuisine about improving one's health on a daily basis, whilst enjoying good food.

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