Good and bad choices on the holiday table

December 19, 2011 , ,

All holiday food are not created equal. Here are a few good replacements you should look for on the holiday table:

Prefer simply prepared meats: This year stay away from stuffed turkey and rich sauces. Go for poultry which is a lean option, provided you do not undo your healthy choice with a rich gravy on top of it. Try the “Roasted Guinea Hen with Herbs“: only 340 calories of super-taste!

Beware of side sauces: Dump the traditional cranberry sauce for an unsweetened applesauce” with your poultry dish: those tart cranberries need lots of sugar to sweeten them up, 1/4 cup of cranberry sauce has about 100 calories while 1/4 cup of apple sauce has only 25 calories.

Go for the shrimp cocktail: Shrimp are super-low in calories and high in protein; they make for a lavish splurge you can savour without guilt (if you do not overdo with the sauce or dip!)

Leave some room for dessert: Try to avoid pies, if you can, because the crust is loaded with butter or shortening. Go with small, bite-sized chocolate desserts. Try the “Quick Chocolate Fudge“: one piece of 20 g comes in at 90 calories. Alternatively, go for a sorbet or a fruit dessert.

A few of our recipes that are heathly fruit desserts:


Cinzia Cuneo
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