Japanese Mushrooms Are Tasty and Healthy

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Enoki, crisp and thin

These small clusters of mushrooms are long, thin and fragile, a little like small flowers. Since their main season lasts from September to March, they are sometimes called “winter mushrooms”, but in fact they are found in grocery stores year-round. You may have already enjoyed them in yakitori – Japanese skewers – wrapped in a thin slice of bacon.

Eryngii, firm and sweet

This mushroom is a type of oyster mushroom that grows naturally in the forests of the Mediterranean basin, but it is in Japan that it was developed for growing commercially. It is easily recognized by its characteristic fleshy, white stem and relatively small brown crown. Although eryngii has almost no flavor or aroma when raw, it becomes very tasty when cooked. Its super-firm texture makes it an excellent substitute for meat in vegetarian and vegan dishes.

To get to know these mushrooms better, I suggest a Japanese fricassee recipe. It is pretty easy to whip together: sauté your mushrooms on high heat in a little oil for a few minutes, while stirring often, add a little garlic and finish with a touch of soy sauce. And voila, enjoy!

Sautéed Japanese Mushrooms

Sautéed Japanese Mushrooms

Sautéed Japanese Mushrooms

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