Sugar Coated: Is Sugar the New Tobacco?

September 9, 2015 , , ,

It’s the provocative question that’s explored in the documentary “Sugar Coated”, by filmmaker Michèle Hozer. The film is now running across Canada and should not be missed.

The subject of the film is that sugar is potentially very bad for your health, in case of overconsumption. But its more disturbing message is how the sugar business managed to get us to stop asking the question: “Is sugar bad?” for the last 40 years.

Indeed there was plenty of evidence in the 1970s that there were links to diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. Nevertheless, the sugar industry deflected all threats to its empire, while sweetening the world’s food supply. The film suggests that what the Big Sugar did is very similar to how the tobacco business tried to shut down its critics.

Through some rare archival footage and confidential documents the filmmakers peel back the story of how sugar escaped scrutiny as an enemy to public health. The film introduces a cast of individuals who collectively try to reverse this trend: among others obesity expert Dr. Robert Lustig, along with Stanton Glantz, the superstar professor who brought down the tobacco industry.

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