TOP 10: Eat Like an Athlete Recipes

July 8, 2024 , ,

For athletes nutrition plays an important role to improve their performance as well as speed up recovery after exercise. Here are 10 recipes for athletes that are quick, simple and easy to prepare between two workouts. They are very tasty and will please the whole family.

10. Quinoa and Lentil Bowl

athlete recipes - Quinoa and Lentil Bowl

Preparing a meal bowl is easy and quick and the result is always appetizing. To make it well balanced, you need to include some grains or noodles (in this case quinoa), one or more proteins (here lentils, seeds and cheese), lots of vegetables and a good seasoning. The ingredient combinations are endless.

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9. Thai Peanut Chicken Sandwich

athlete recipes - Thai Peanut Chicken Sandwich

The slow cooker is a valuable ally for people who don’t have a lot of time to cook, because the ingredients can be simply added all together to the ceramic casserole dish, then the slow cooker is started, and off you go. Everything will cook without supervision and your meal will be ready when you get home.

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8. Enforcer Pasta

athlete recipes - Enforcer Pasta

Pasta dishes are popular among athletes because they are easy to make and they are tasty. This one can be enjoyed hot, warm or at room temperature, therefore perfect for a meal on the go.

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