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TOP 10 Meatball Recipes to Make Again and Again

January 16, 2023 , , ,

There are tons of meatball recipes around the world, which is not surprising, since the juicy and tender morsels are the perfect accompaniment to sauces, pasta, and sandwiches. They are economical and easy to make in advance for weeknight dinners. They’re truly a treat everyone can enjoy.

Here’s our selection of 10 yummy recipes, which include some inspiration to please vegetarian and vegan eaters as well.

10. Meatballs in Curry Sauce

meatball recipes - meatballs in curry sauce

If you want to change from the usual tomato sauce to accompany your meatballs, try a very spicy curry sauce instead, which will give your dish a completely different taste.

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9. Tuna and Ricotta Patties

The tuna-ricotta combo works wonders! These patties can be either baked or fried; in any case, they will be crispy, delicious and very crunchy.

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8. Vegan “Meatballs” with Tomato Sauce

meatball recipes - vegan meatballs

The addition of nutritional yeast to these “meatballs” allows them to have a rich and cheesy flavour … without using any cheese!

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