TOP 10: Weird (But fun!) Food Trends

May 22, 2016 ,

#3 – Mason Jars

This might not be an edible trend, but it certainly has taken the world by storm. Everything these days is finding its way into mason jars. If you’re not familiar with them, they’re the glass jars used for preserves. They’re pretty cheap and incredibly sturdy, so reusing them for just about everything does make a lot of sense. You can even find specifically made mason jar vessels, like mugs and mini versions, if recycling isn’t actually your thing. They sure are handy, especially for DIY foodie gifts like just-add-water cake mixes and even edible terrariums!

Check out how to prepare your own Salad in a Jar!

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Dania Sonin
Dania is a web designer and writer, though she loves anything creative and that includes cooking. Add to that a passion for food, and SOSCuisine was a perfect fit!

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