6 Nutrients Beginner Vegans Should Pay Attention To

27 March, 2017 , ,


Rice Pudding

Rice Pudding

We’ve all grown up thinking that the best and almost only way to get calcium is from dairy. It’s still a good rule to follow if you’re following a vegan diet. Beginner vegans can safely stick to enriched dairy substitutes without worry, and there are plenty of vegetables that are also good sources of calcium for anybody wanting to experiment or to anybody who might have intolerances or allergies that might exclude soy or nut-based dairy products. However, there is one pesky problem many of us, vegan and non-vegan alike seem to have…

Vitamin D

Homemade Soy-Yogurt

Homemade Soy-Yogurt

It’s no secret that many people are lacking in vitamin D, but maybe you don’t know why it’s so important. Vitamin D has many important functions in the body, one of them is to properly metabolise calcium. If you aren’t getting enough vitamin D, getting enough calcium is all the more difficult. Eating right is always the first step to avoiding deficiencies, but in the case of vitamin D, it’s also important to spend time in the sun (not too much of course, and with proper SPF) or to take an appropriate supplement. With many of us stuck indoors though, here are some yummy vegan recipes full of calcium and the vitamin D you’ll need to actually use it:

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