Dietary Myths and Cancer

3 June, 2016

Myth #3 – Eating acidic foods helps cancer thrive


You have probably already heard that an alkaline diet can help prevent and/or treat cancer. This hypothesis comes from a study that demonstrated that cancerous cells in vitro (in glass, or in a test tube, unlike in vivo which means in a living organism) prosper in an acidic environment (the opposite of an alkaline environment).

However, these discoveries cannot be transposed to the human body. Indeed, the human body has several systems, including the kidneys and lungs, that keep a tight control on the body’s pH. Even tiny variations of the body’s pH can have massive impacts. That’s why it isn’t realistic to think we can avoid cancer by not eating acidic or acidifying foods.

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Despite all this, you can still help your body. By eating less red meat and more fruits and vegetables, you help rebalance the body’s acid-base. This is another good reason to eat healthily!

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Jef L'Ecuyer

Jef L’Ecuyer

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