Little Mexican Tomato

5 October, 2013 ,

Tomatillo fruit is the main ingredient in Mexican salsa verde and it looks like a cross between a normal green tomato and a ground cherry. This species, like the latter, belongs to the genus ‘physalis’ and its fruit is also covered by a husk that splits open when the fruit becomes ripe.

Tomatillos are normally harvested with their protective husk before they mature. You can eat them raw or cooked, once you remove the husk and wash the fruit. It is locally available in farmers’ markets here, so pick up some and whip up a salsa verde cruda by pureeing tomatillos with a bit of garlic, jalapeno peppers and coriander.

Buen provecho!

Try our two versions of “Salsa Verde”:


Originally published in the Journal de Montréal on October 5, 2013.

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