TOP 10 Easy Root Vegetable Recipes

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7. Rutabaga and Potato Gratin with Oregano

Root vegetable recipes - Rutabaga and Potato Gratin with Oregano

Do you know the difference between rutabaga and turnip? These are indeed 2 different vegetables, but which can be interchanged in recipes. The rutabaga is larger, its flesh is beige or yellow and its skin is dull. The turnip, for its part, is smaller, its flesh is white and its taste more delicate.

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6. Red Smoothie

Root vegetable recipes - Red Smoothie<

Beets and beet juice are very much appreciated by athletes, because they may be effective in improving endurance performance. We therefore suggest that you enjoy this vegetable in a smoothie.

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5. Buttered Salsify

Root vegetable recipes - Buttered Salsify

This parsnip-shaped root vegetable is also known as «oyster plant» because its taste resembles a delicately flavoured oyster. The more flavourful type of salsify has white flesh with a black skin that stains one’s hands during cleaning (hence its botanical name «scorzonera» i.e. black skin). Fortunately, canned salsify is now easily available in most supermarkets.

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4. Vegan Carrot Cookies

Carrots are among the sweetest vegetables and they can even be used in desserts, for example in the classic carrot cake or in this cookie recipe.

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